Architects and aspiring architects tend to get wrapped up in work without enough play! Take a few hours off work every once in a while and do what makes you… well YOU! If you don’t have a hobby please do yourself a favor and discover one.

Everyone has separate interests or hobbies.  Go do the rest of your life: play an instrument, walk in the park, workout at the gym, do yoga, volunteer, or even build model trains. Hell take your girlfriend or boyfriend out on a date, chances are they miss you, you workaholic! Your more creative hobbies can even make themselves into your personal portfolio, such as photography, sketching, or videography, to name a few.

Personally I play percussion, workout at the gym, and sit down every so often to write this blog you are reading at this moment. Speaking of drums, here is a video of me playing with my younger brother!


My bro Matt and I jamming part 2.

Posted by H Adam Denais on Saturday, July 25, 2015



For me playing music puts me in the zone. It is my time away from distractions and stress. Nothing beats how relaxed and upbeat I feel afterwards!

By now I hope it is obvious that a break from work and engaging in your other interests have all sorts of benefits. Here is what you can expect:

  • A change of scenery will have you coming back to your work refreshed and with a fresh perspective.
  • You will be in a better mood emotionally and physically.
  • You can strengthen friendships you would otherwise not be putting time to.
  • You can meet clients, employers, and new good friends.


I hope this is enough to get you off the computer and into this wonderful thing I hear they call “Life”.


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