Design Mentoring

The School of Architecture and Design at The University of Louisiana at Lafayette has started a peer mentorship program by engaging upperclassmen with incoming design students. I joined this venture to help our aspiring designers make sense of their new environment.

We are being termed “Design Mentors”.

Incoming design students, this post is for you.


So what is a mentor?

A mentor is a person who has both the knowledge and experience in their life or career that can provide you with personal development. A mentor can be anyone who you look up to or value: an older sibling, a friend, a co-worker (or in the case of what I am going to talk about today), an older student.

You can and should have multiple mentors pertaining to your career, hobbies, or other personal goals.


What is the benefit of a mentor-mentee relationship?

Being a mentor and having mentors of your own is useful and necessary to progress your career and personal goals.

Being a mentee means having someone to push you through struggles the mentor has experienced. Being a mentor means being able to pass down your knowledge and experience to help another person. This relationship is a win-win situation for both people. So why not do it?


What should you ask your design mentor?

“Where can I find great model-making supplies?”

“Why am I doing all of this work and still have no idea what I am doing?”

“I am lost. Can I get some advice?”

“What is expected of me?”

“How do I manage my time?”


Design school can be a rough transition from high school. The skills needed in design can feel ambiguous at first. Who better to help make sense of things than someone who was just in your shoes? We are here to help.