Architects are the jack-of-all-creative-trades.

Architects and architectural designers (the men and women working on getting their architecture license) are capable of doing a variety of out-of-the-box things you probably would have never expected.

We are a very creative and passionate bunch, but not much is known about what we are capable of outside designing your dream home…

Build Without Instructions

Need to build something but can’t understand or lost the instructions?

Architects are trained to understand how large and complex buildings together… understanding anything smaller is relatively a piece of cake.

We would love to help you put together your dining room table you bought from target that didn’t include instructions (maybe that is why it was 10% off?!).


Your Personal MacGyver

Architects can fix anything (or at least creatively reattach it). In fact, we can reattach it so well that you will not even know how we did it…

Your shelf broke off the wall? No problem, we got this. Just don’t be scared when we ask for a spoon and some yarn to do it.




This was a project I did where we had to frame a “found object” (the wicker ball) around an interesting built form. That is a copper pipe that I cut and crimped together.


Turn Junk into Art

Architects have an eye for beauty. Do you have some broken plywood or dropped a vase and would rather do something with it but cannot figure out what?  This would be fun for an architect.

Truth is, in school we have already had to attach the unthinkable. I spent 5 hours teaching myself how to bend pieces of copper into a hanging wall installation.


Not Just Art, but “Functioning Art”

Architects can also take junk and create something you can actually use (and we can make it match the other furniture in your house). I once saw a broken 20 foot palette at a former job that looked ready for the dumpster. There were nails jutting out of every corner and it was begging to give me splinters…

I immediately thought, “I can build a table with that.” People thought I was crazy. 2 weeks later, I had a table. For free. I still have that table 2 years later.


Palette Furniture

A DIY Palette furniture piece.


DIY Projects

Have you been on Pinterest lately looking for cool DIY projects? Found something you wanted to build at home only to realize it is just slightly out of reach because you just can’t figure out how they did it? (Palette furniture, anyone?)

An architect can figure it out. Probably in about 2.53 seconds. Moreover, if it isn’t exactly how they did it, I can almost guarantee our way is just as effective, or better.


Interior Design

Having a degree in architecture, we are proficient in understanding interior design. Although we have not specialized in interior design there are many overlaps between the two professions.

We are more than capable of helping you design the interior of your apartment, selecting patterns, colors and all.




Looking up in Dallas, I caught in a picture the way buildings frame the sky in a unique way.



Have you ever needed a photographer?

Architects are able to see beauty where many see mundane. Often times we can capture the beauty in a picture and show what other people do not see. (We do have to imagine on a daily basis what a building will look like on a property that is vacant.) Many architecture students have their own professional camera in order to take pictures of their models or experiences traveling around the world to see architecture.

Flyers/ Logos

Need a flyer for an event? We use the same programs as many professional graphic designers. We use these programs to show clients visual 3D graphics of the buildings we design. It would be a great change of pace and fun to design a flyer or logo for your start-up company.



Business Card Design

When you tell an architect your business is lawn-mowing, you like eating popcorn, and love to go to the beach, he or she can turn those words into an instant business card proposal, graphic design included…

“Popcorn-Mowers: We ‘pop-up’ when you need us…even if you are on vacation.”

(Yeah that sounds like a company I would not trust…)



Do you use powerpoint for presentations? Would you like graphic advice or suggestions on how to go about it?

We stopped using power point in high school and moved on to programs and graphic techniques that can blow away an audience. Ask away.


Just remember, architects have to make a living too. Creative ventures we do for people (if requiring more than a few minutes of help) should always be compensated. Think of it this way: if you would hire someone traditionally to do it, look at us in that light.

There are a lot of ways an architect can be of worth to you.

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