Informative Blogs

A well-established blog that goes into what architecture is all about: Life of an Architect

Everything architecture and design related! You have probably heard of them:


Tutorial Blogs

Rendering/ Visualization

A blog that teaches you great rendering skills: Visualizing Architecture

For tips on Revit and Revit Family downloads check out:


Interviews and Job Search

Salary Research

Architecture interns, know what you are worth with the Architecture Salary Calculator

It does just what the name says:

Want to know what an architect specifically does? This website offers basic statistics and details about the profession:

Find out what other people’s salaries are around the country.



Not sure how to send an email to a contact for a job?


For Studio Projects

Textures/ Images

This is a great site to find great HD pictures licensed for free use: Unsplash

You will find cutout people, materials, cad blocks, trees, tutorials, and more:

Just free high quality textures for studio projects:


Cutout People

Cutout people of ALL ethnicities around the world:

Cutout people of minorities:

Cutout people:

Simple cutout people in vector:


Color Schemes

Here is a great site to find a color pallet for your drawings:


Demographics/ Site Analysis

This site will give you demographics and tons of data specific to any city in the United States:



A great and simple website to help you find the perfect fonts for your project!

Download great fonts for your projects! 



Free Vector Icons: