I am working on my graduate portfolio as I begin my job search. This is my 5th year, 2nd semester studio project, in my hometown, Lafayette, LA.

I think these spreads came out more composed than the 501 studio project spreads. I am going to offer my thoughts to each spread in an attempt to catalog my thoughts and as well as help anyone who may be working on their own portfolio in the near future…

Spread 1

502 Spread 1

Just as in my 501 portfolio post, first spread is the “WOW” factor. This spread should make you want to explore the rest of the spreads.

Things to notice:

  • The white space in this rendering does a great job of balancing the composition.
  • I overlayed the rendering with the black bar at the top right.
  • I contrasted the TechnicBold with TechnicLite to create a font hierarchy. The bold font is one layer and the lite font is another. I put the bold font justified right and the lite font justified left. It made a neat flow.
  • The entire rendering is a photoshop file. ALL text in these spreads are InDesign ONLY. This ensures a sharp print quality for the text.

Spread 2

502 2

The second spread starts with the large-scale context, meaning the geographic location. I am identifying the thesis and problem for the project. The idea of this spread is to display the master plan portion of the project.

Things to notice:

  • The black bar is now at the bottom of the page, with the studio number attached to it, as well as a spread title.
  • There are icons on the site section drawing. Even though you may not know what each means, it lets the viewer know there is another layer of thought drawn into it.
  • The location diagrams at the top left were larger but I reduced the size to give a little more white space, which I think works well.

Spread 3

502 3

The third spread takes us down another scale, from the master plan on the previous page to the site plan scale.

Things to notice:

  • The section takes the place of the black bar entirely, just as on the last spread. I think the deep black color of the site section brings an amazing amount of contrast to the spread.
  • The building sections are the same scale as the floor plans so they reference each other. You should always look for opportunities to visually connect drawings!
  • The circle around the building is actually another copy of the file in InDesign. I placed it on top of the copy and lowered the opacity. It is a neat trick to highlight something without having to go into Photoshop to edit.




Spread 4

502 Spread 4

The fourth spread is reserved for the details of the project. For this spread I chose floor plans, elevations, and a really neat section perspective.

Things to notice:

  • I overlayed the circle in the perspective with the bottom bar. This brings attention to the cut-out the circle makes and makes the composition of the page feel more three-dimensional.
  • The white space in these pages works really well! I will have to look to mimic how these came out on other projects. I think the circular images really help with this!

On this project I had much less drawings for this building, so the choices were few but very high quality. Props to my classmate Jessica Prejean for having done the site plan (our projects are down the street from each other, hypothetically…). I used Adobe InDesign + Photoshop to do these spreads. I used TechnicLite and TechniBold fonts, as well as Swis721 BlkEx BT for the Large “502”.

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