I lied! This isn’t the last project for my portfolio. Check it out: Millenn-E-House, portable housing for millennials…

This is a competition entry I did with another architecture student and a mechanical engineer for “LAKA, Architecture that Reacts” last summer.

Spread 1

Here is the “WOW” factor spread. I think the people on the ground add some life to the street.

Things to notice:

  • The focus is on the building, however if you look closer on the left you get a hint of how these units are transportable beyond the building footprint.
  • The tall glass building in the back is “Fountain Place”, by architect I. M. Pei. Those who live in Dallas will recognize the building is from the downtown area.

Spread 2

The second spread is the large-scale context: Location and an axon site plan showing the different ways the building reacts to the dynamic city. The project is a building system that sets up anywhere, so I put multiple locations on the map.

Things to notice:

  • I experimented on using a second color text… and I like it. I may have to go back and do this strategy to other projects.
  • Since the competition was about architecture that reacts, the orange text in these spreads are a “reaction” (orange text) to an “action” (black text).
  • The location diagrams used in the other projects are no longer here! I replaced it with another graphic I handmade for this project.

Spread 3

The third spread takes us down another scale, showing the designed units of the building system.

Things to notice:

  • The site section is a bit more abstract than many other graphics in my portfolio spreads. I like it though!

Spread 4

The fourth spread is reserved for the details of the project. For this spread I chose the life-cycle of the mobile living units and a breakdown of their construction systems.

Things to notice:

  • The background of the left page is an elevation view of the building section on the left. They reference each other without being distinctly connected.
  • The legend follows all my legends throughout my portfolio


This project was fun and slightly different from the other projects. I learned a lot from these spreads and plan on revisiting older projects to update them from everything I have learned in the past month. I used Adobe InDesign + Photoshop to do these spreads. I used TechnicLite and TechniBold fonts, as well as Swis721 BlkEx BT for the Large “COMP”.

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