This project completes my graduate portfolio as I begin my job search. Presenting my master’s project, Flexible Synthesis…

Spread 1

509 1

Following the other projects the first spread is the “WOW” factor. This spread should make you want to explore the rest of the spreads. I broke the routine of the other spreads in placing the thesis statement on the right page. I am not sure if this was the best decision but it is worth noting.

Things to notice:

  • I tried a “fading to white” graphic strategy for this and the rest of the spreads.
  • I contrasted the TechnicBold with TechnicLite to create a font hierarchy. The bold font is one layer and the lite font is another. I put the bold font justified right and the lite font justified left.

Spread 2

509 2

The second spread starts with the large-scale context: Location and site plan. The project covered a series of buildings and a landscape park, but for the sake of limiting the project to four spreads I only showcase the student activity center. I felt this was worth mentioning in text as the next few spreads focus on this one aspect of the project.

Things to notice:

  • The drawings are always to scale, even if unconventional.
  • The elevation drawing and site plan reference each other.
  • The location diagrams are on the opposite page but use similar graphics.

Spread 3

509 3

The third spread takes us down another scale, from the site plan on the previous page to the design of the student activity center.

Things to notice:

  • I use the color red to dictate what is important to look at.
  • Numbers from the axon on the right match the section diagrams that line the bottom of the page.

Spread 4

509 4

The fourth spread is reserved for the details of the project. For this spread I chose floor plans, time-lapse plan view activity diagrams, and a visualization of the unique atmosphere the event spaces create.

Things to notice:

  • I attempted to connect the drawings through a dotted line. Maybe this technique could find itself somewhere else? It is worth looking into for future developments.


On this project it would have been impossible to explain the entire project graphically in four spreads; there was an entire book created as part of the requirements of this studio project! I used Adobe InDesign + Photoshop to do these spreads. I used TechnicLite and TechniBold fonts, as well as Swis721 BlkEx BT for the Large “509”.

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