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Building Block Toys and Architecture (Arckit 90 Giveaway)

This post is dedicated to spreading Architect OWL’s Arckit A90 Giveaway! Here is Architect OWL’s original post, “Build Something”   To enter and win this kit click the link just below! The giveaway closes…

The American Institute of Architects: Why Volunteer?

WHAT IS AIA? AIA is the leader in professional membership associations for licensed architects. Through AIA you can participate in continuing education programs, architectural events, and gain access to countless resources within…

[ArchiTalks #21] 10 Things Architecture Students Say When Going Back to School

Returning to school starts optimistic, but shortly you find yourself wondering if you actually learned anything…

[ArchiTalks #20] 5 Things to Make the Most of Your Summer

Here is what you should do to make the most of your summer!

Guest Spotlight: Nicholas Lott

This week we welcome Nicholas Lott to talk a little bit about the process of rendering and share some of his work.  We have both had the honor of attending the University…

How Do You Render? Answered!

How do YOU render?  Here are a variety of community submissions showcasing their renderings from both academic and professional projects.  

What to Expect Your First Week Working in an Architecture Firm

What should you expect the first week of work to be like in an entry-level architecture position? I hate to say it,but… 

Photographing Your Work: Understanding Lenses

In this second segment of “Photographing Your Work” we will discuss different types of lenses and what their number labeling indicates.  The documentation of your work is directly linked to how good…

Lessons Learned, Expenses, and Tips For Relocating

This past week has been a lot of headache and excitement! After a year of anticipation, I have finally moved back to Dallas!

Dealing with Conflicting Critiques

You thought you were taking your project in the right direction and BAM, the critiques you received are pulling you in opposite directions!