Here is what you should do to make the most of your summer!

Catch Up or Get Ahead

You can use this time to catch up or get ahead in your classes. I know there were several times I had to take summer classes. If this is an option, take it seriously, it could save you a year in the long run! If money is an issue, and for many it is, then you can do a…


Read Your Favorite Books!

Do you have a book you have been wanting to read? Now is a great time to get a couple of books in! Explore a topic you are interested in, such as social architecture or historic preservation!


Learn or Explore Hobbies

Reference this post to learn more about how to discover and get back into your hobbies!

Need a hobby? Look at this post on 10 things you didn’t know an architect could do!



Many people travel during breaks! Reference this post to see strange habits when an architect travels!


Summer Internship

It is not unusual for an architecture student to work a couple of summers during their schooling. There are so many opportunities out there! Even for those who are only a few of years into school. Many firms don’t mind someone coming in during a summer if the timing is right and they have a lot of work for a couple of months. The best way to score this is to give a local firm a call. I would probably recommend doing this for smaller firms, as they can quickly adjust to extra help.

Larger firms will often offer summer internships and have special programs designed for you to take advantage of your time there! Metropolitan areas will tend to offer these, and often bring in interns from around the area and even out of state. An additional note… DO NOT forget to log your AXP hours! They add up fast!


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